What should be on my Baptism or Christening candle?

Each day I receive enquires from people regarding Baptism candles and Christening candles. I am often asked “what is meant to be on it”? This is a difficult question because it really is a personal choice. There are generally no formal requirements from the Church for the content on a personalised candle. There are of course a number of elements that are nice to have included.

1. The child or persons name always features prominently on all our candles.

2. The date of the occasion. Our candles are designed to be retained as a keepsake of the special day, hence the date of the occasion is an important inclusion.

3. The location of the Baptism, Christening or Naming Day. Many people like to include the church name and place, others don’t. It is entirely up to you.

4. The Godparents names. Often it is the Godparents that are organising the Baptism Candle, and they like to have their name on the candle. Again this is entirely optional.

5. A verse or special message. There are many existing verses, poems etc that can be used, or you can create your own.

How many candles do I need?

As a general rule, you require at least one candle to be used as part of the ceremony (but always check with your church and their requirements). Many people prefer to order additional candles for the Godparents to hold and then to keep as a gesture and keepsake of the special day. Some of the orders I receive also include requests for bomboniere candles to be presented as small gifts to the friends and family present on the day. Once again, it is a personal preference.

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