Most Commonly Asked Questions

How quickly can my personalised candle be made?

This is the question that I am asked most often by people. If required, I can make a personalised candle within 24 hours!! There are always circumstances where a baptism candle or even a wedding candle needs to be turned around very quickly, and I am more than happy to assist whenever possible. It is very important to make a note of the urgency of the request when you order your candle.  Whether you select an existing style, or if you are ordering through the ‘design your own’ section, there is an ‘instructions’ box. This is the best place to note the timeline requirements for your candle. Alternatively, you can always email me or call me, to confirm the timeline. I have never missed a deadline yet!

When a candle needs to be produced urgently, it is important that we can prepare the artwork proof and have it approved by you quickly. So if you submit an urgent order, keep an eye on your emails so when the proof comes through from me, you can confirm the details are correct asap.

How do I send you a photo to be included on the Candle?

Your photo can be sent to me either via email (, or when you place your order you can upload your photo at the checkout. Whatever is easiest for you, suites me. The higher the resolution of the photo, the better the outcome on the candle. Of course the clarity is never the same when it is incorporated within a candle, but the photo candles usually look pretty good. My customers are always pleased with the result.

Please, if you have any questions, just email or call.

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