Helpful Tips for Buying Personalised Candles

After having spent some time in the candle business, I am well aware that the quality of candles can vary immensely. For the benefit of my clients, and any prospective candle buyers out there, I thought it may be useful to capture some relevant tips. Here are my top 3 high priority tips for purchasing personalised candles:

1) Imbedded Image –  make sure that the personalisation details are imbedded within the candle. Many personalised candles simply have a sticker sitting on the candle surface. A more robust and quality product is one that is imbedded within the candle. This looks better and provides a clean, smooth finish. It also makes the candle last longer and more resistant to damage. Many people like to keep their Christening or Wedding candles as memento’s of the day, an imbedded image will enable this far better than any sticker on the surface.

2) Pure White Colour – there is significant variation in the colour of candles. For Christenings, Baptism, Weddings, Memorial, Birth, Birthday, etc, it makes a major difference if the candle is a real pure white. Some candles are a little translucent  or yellow and I personally find, that the finish is nowhere near as beautiful as the finish on a pure white candle.

3) Burn Time – your candle should have significant burn time. Our 22cm candles for example, burn for approximately 120 hours, and even our smaller ones have long burn times.

I hope this proves useful. Please contact us if we can be any assistance at all.

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