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Personalised Candles for any occasion

We create beautiful, unique and quality personalised candles. They are perfect as Baptism Candles or Christening Candles, Unity or Wedding Candles, Memorial Candles and for many other occasions. The quality of our candles is our priority and we can deliver quickly. We use a special finishing technique to ensure that all the images are embedded within the candle, not a sticker on the candle surface. You can choose one of our designs or design your own.

Quality finish to our Candles

Quality personalised candles with a fabulous finish. Our candles are designed to last. The finish on our personalised candles is crisp, white and smooth. There are no stickers on the candle surface, the image is embedded within the candle leaving a fabulous quality finish. We can cater for any occasion - weddings, Baptism, Christening, Birth, Anniversary, Memorial. Try out our “Candle Design Simulator” to design your own candle.

Christening / Baptism Candles by Personalised Candles and Gifts

Beautiful Christening Candles, Baptism Candles or Naming Day candles to capture the individuality of your event. We have an original and unique "Candle Design Simulator" that allows you to design your own candle and see the results immediately. Personalised candles for any occasion. Beautiful, quality finishes. Contact us, we can assist you with your candle requirements. All urgent orders are welcome.

Wedding Candles and Unity Candles

Unique wedding candles and Unity Candles for your special day. Capture your special moment with a personalised candle. It can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony, and then retained as a keepsake of the occasion. You can choose from our range or design your own using our original "Candle Design Simulator”. We make really beautiful candles and we can also delivery very quickly, no lengthy delay.